Living In The Digital Underground?

Due to my affinity for music and all things odd, I found the construction and abandonment if the live in sculpture of The Digital Underground’s, Humpty Hump astounding and rather comical.

In 1993, The Digital Underground commissioned a $50,000 head of Greg Jacobs (aka Humpty Hump) from FM Productions (of Pink Floyd’s pig fame).  The head was used in the groups video to promote their single “Return Of The Crazy One”.

The sculpture stands 12ft tall and 16ft wide and comes equip with a dressing room, green room, elevator, light up glasses and lip/chin that doubles as stairs.

Humpty sit abandoned in an Oakland prop warehouse and has only had one former tennant, a man evicted from his apartment, who lived in the head fro several weeks.  So Humpty Hump is up for grabs, but buyer beware, the real Humpty is looking to buy it back or rent it should he need it again.

image from Gizmodo

Unusual Architecture: Seashell House

Could one love the sea so much that they would live in a seashell?  Russian architects, ArchStudia Vega designed a three story 228 sq. m seashell house with a rather peculiar layout.  The house contains no straight lines, just curves that flow from ceiling to floor.  The three levels of the house represent  the sea’s bottom or “grotto” , water surface, and the sea air.  Some of the key features are the paint, which changes color depending on light and time of day, and the bathroom’s glass trimmed mosaics in over 30 different colors.

Upon entering the shell you will find yourself on the main floor with living room, dining room, kitchen and guest bath.  The living room contains the world’s most unique fireplace with a flute that carries smoke downward!

Upstairs is the main bedroom, bathroom and coat room.  The center of the floor has a bed niche equip with fountain and lake front view to further your aquatic experience.

The flowing curvilinear staircase will take you to the lower “grotto” level where you will find an office, guest room,  and guest bath.

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