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Innhouse Kunming, China

Nestled in the forest of Kunming, the eco friendly Innhouse, is a winner of the 2012 WAN Award.  The Innhouse is just one in a series of projects by The Oval Partnership.  Their aim is to create and set the standard for environmentally correct design.

The Innhouse is a “village” of 17 guesthouses arranged in an “L” shape surrounded by nature trails and retained trees.  The building units are composed of two wings and a semi open vertical circulation unit.  The guest suite has a  cantilevered balcony and open living space.  The sustainable design maximizes natural daylight and ventilation.  The site also utilizes solar thermal hot water, rainwater recycling and grey water reuse

Interior: Nature As Art…

From giant oak trees to evergreens, to even palm trees, NatureMaker has successfully incorporated nature into interior environments, through life-like works of art. These artificial trees, handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, are made to conform to architectural, structural, fire, and seismic specifications, so they’re ideal for any space, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, or someone’s home.  While working to soften environments and compliment architectural styles, NatureMaker strives to be eco-friendly. They use materials containing no VOC’s, and recycled steel for the framing. When complete, each tree is ASTM E-84 Class Fire and Smoke certified and ADA compliant. For more information on this product, including a list of the different trees available, visit .

Art & Design: Fiat Milan

This a cooperative effort between the city of Milan and Fiat led by designer Fabio Novembre. 20 fiberglass replicas line the streets and house trees of a variety of shapes and sizes. I find that the trees coming up from the cars make a neat statement about the ability of cars to co-exist with the environment. I do however; find a flaw with the design. With the cars out on the street, that leaves less space for people to park their cars. I imagine it is a pretty heavily trafficked area seeing how it is Milan’s world famous fashion street.

Fiat 1fiat 2

Interior: Bamboo: A Green Chef’s Dream

Finally – a wooden countertop that’s safe for cooking and eco-friendly! Teragren’s Traditional Bamboo furniture-grade panels are perfect for any kitchen, whether it be countertops, table tops, or kitchen islands. While naturally durable and bacterial-resistant, these countertops are also pre-finished with a combination of food-safe mineral oil and beeswax, making them ideal for food prep.  With its vertical grain caramelized bamboo face and contrasting chestnut-strand bamboo core, it will add visual interest to any interior space. As a rapidly renewable resource with formaldehyde-free adhesives, these bamboo countertops also contribute to LEED certification. 

teragren bamboo










For more information on this product, and more of what Teragren offers, visit their website @ .

Interior: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure…

I am a firm believer in that phrase. It’s always a great challenge to find other uses for an ordinary object. For example, a vintage lamp base – once you remove the electrical components, it could very well be a chic coat rack! The creators of Reestore Ltd.have taken this concept and made recycling everyday objects fun and innovative. They have recycled objects to create furniture and accessories that can make a statement in any room – From their vintage tub turned loveseat, to their grocery cart meets lounge chair. They maintain the eco-friendly integrity of each piece, while choosing objects that are made of more contemporary materials, such as metals and plastics. My favorite piece, Silvana, has been very inspiring. They took an ordinary washing machine drum and turned it into a modern day coffee table with a built-in light (see below). Washing machine drum by day, beautiful coffee table by night. What a great idea! For more inspirations and a list of Reestore’s products, visit .