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Pop Up Coffee

Design group Nendo conceived its first ever Pop Up Starbucks in Tokyo Japan which was open Sept 9- Sept 30.  For those unfamiliar with the term “Pop Up Shop”, it is simply when a company or brand takes over an existing space.  In this case Starbucks, the well famed coffee brand occupied an art gallery.

The two story space was called “Starbucks Espresso Journey” and was designed to resemble a library.  The clean neat design was lined with a gradient of brown tone books.  The second floor was a open area for customers to sit and enjoy their coffee.  The concept was to mesh the two pleasures of reading and drinking a cup of coffee.

Upon entry the customer is encouraged to explore the 9 different books, each color coded to represent a 9 different drinks sold.  Once the customer is educated and has selected the perfect book (coffee), it is then brought to the counter in exchange for the drink.  The reverse of the book covers also double as an insert foe a short or tall tumbler, should you want a souvenir of your experience.


images from Designbloom


Art & Design- Archipod

The London based Archipod is a brilliant idea, finally a place to run to get your work done at home. No more sheds, basements, or cluttered rooms down the hall. Now you have a quiet place out in your backyard you can go to get away from all the noise and distractions. Each pod is 3 meters in diameter and equipped with a semi-circle desk, electrical heater, window, smoke alarm, and data ports. Everything you need to get your work done comfortably and quickly. 


Interior: What a Relief!

ModularArts Mineral Composite Panels are the newest way to create beauty and subtlety in an interior space (commercial and residential). These interlocking panels, made of 100% mineral, mimic that of bas relief carvings, but are much more practical and affordable for a broad range of applications.  Constructed in a manner similar to wood, these panels can be mounted to various types of walls and substrates, and by gluing the panels together, they maintain a continuous appearance. They range in a variety of patterns, from contemporary to a natural stone look. These panels are perfect for creating a breath-taking feature wall in the home, a hotel lobby, or a restaurant. For a more dramatic effect, add some light – different colors also work well, depending on the design. For more information on this product and specifications, visit

Interior: A Wave of Bliss

The WAVE, is the new favorite place to dwell in total bliss. This hammock is designed using only the finest craftsmen and most luxurious materials, making it a delightful place to relax. By pivoting on one single point at the base, it gives a unique floating impression. Also, having semi-transparent fabric overhead, while blocking 86% of the sun’s rays, it has the feeling of lying under a tree canopy. You can either move with a gentle swing, or remain perfectly still for complete tranquillity. This piece is not considered a chair, hammock, or a sun chair, but merely a work of art, which combines function and beauty. This piece would be perfect on the beach or by the pool, or for some, the back yard. For more information on the WAVE, visit

Interior: A New Dimension in Glassware


LYX, a Swedish based furniture and lighting company, has taken everyday barware to a new dimension. Inspired by the icicles of Swedish winters, these pieces are made of hand-blown quartz laboratory glass, making them thin, but very durable. Available in shot glasses, vases, and carafes, their unique construction isolates the liquid inside, whether warm or cool. Their construction also allows versatility. Liquids can be poured in either end of the glasses, making it easy to carry multiples at a time, if desired. A great product for restaurants! Also available are oil and vinegar bottles and salt and pepper shakers, which help complete the line. For more information on the ICETAP line, visit

Interior: The Sky’s The Limit

Looking for a way to bring the outside in to any space? Sky Factory, manufactures Sky Ceilings and Virtual Windows, which give the appearance of natural light and moving surroundings, through the combination of LED lighting technology and digital cinema. Whether you want an ocean front view or a view overlooking a mountainside, they have it. Or maybe you want to feel like you have a view of deep space overhead, or maybe the evening sky? The high-resolution images are photographic reproductions that convey the color, scale, and perspective of actual sky. Windows come in several sizes and styles, and can either be mounted directly to a wall, or recessed to sit flush on the wall.   Ceiling tiles can be arranged in several shapes, including rectilinear, circular, elliptical, or custom, and come with a 2×2 grid. Also available are SkyTile Elevators, which hold SkyTiles above the grid, creating an intense feeling, while appearing to be a real skylight. These products would be great for any project type, including medical facilities, corporate offices, and hospitality projects. For more information on these products, visit

Interior:Decorating For Spring

Spring out of the dull Winter months into a fresh new season. Here are just a few simple tips on how to freshen up a room for Spring. Let it shine. Swap out those heavy winter drapes with some sheers or thin wooden shades (bamboo is great). Rearrange. Swap out pieces of furniture from room to room, move things around, and even change the entire layout. You’ll be surprised how new and different a room can look. Live it up. Adding flowers and plants will add life to any room, whether it’s a dramatic centerpiece, or small bunches of brightly colored flowers in small containers.  Cover up. Sofa slip covers, covers for accent pillows, and even tablecloths can make a huge difference. Keep your options open when it comes to decorating – A room’s atmosphere can go dark and heavy to light and airy in a matter of minutes. Color. This season, look for ways to decorate with colors like turquoise, coral, violet, sage, tomato, yellow, amparo blue, and of course, neutrals.

Interior: Soup’s On!

Finally, the perfect bathroom sink for lovers of all things “cooking”.  Chef, a new line of whimsical bathroom sinks, created by Marco Merendi for Rapsel, consists of 3 types of aluminum powder-coated sinks (available in yellow, orange, or blue) with a coordinating mirror, soap dish, drinking glass, and toiletries container/stool. Also available are optional handles for the sinks, great for hand towels and wash clothes. These ‘soup pot’ sinks, rather than traditionally resting over an open flame, have the option of being cantilevered from the wall, supported by an oak platform, or set on an oak-topped pedestal in the same shape. Visit for more information on these products.