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Wohn- und Geschäftshaus Tiroler Goldschmid

This is Wohn- und Geschäftshaus Tiroler Goldschmid by Höller & Klotzner in Schenna, Italy. It is group of a residential and commercial buildings. The second photo shows the context of the site and how the two different types of architecture contrast each other in a rather pleasing way. The cube-like commercial building appears to be floating on top of the large heavy base due to the long windows underneath it. The base on which it rests acts as a platform for both buildings and boutique shops at street level. This is an interesting composition that has a lot of richness to be observed and studied.

Art & Design: Fiat Milan

This a cooperative effort between the city of Milan and Fiat led by designer Fabio Novembre. 20 fiberglass replicas line the streets and house trees of a variety of shapes and sizes. I find that the trees coming up from the cars make a neat statement about the ability of cars to co-exist with the environment. I do however; find a flaw with the design. With the cars out on the street, that leaves less space for people to park their cars. I imagine it is a pretty heavily trafficked area seeing how it is Milan’s world famous fashion street.

Fiat 1fiat 2