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Redesigning New York’s Waterfronts

Hurricane Sandy's Damage in Dumbo Brooklyn

Hurricane Sandy’s Damage in Dumbo Brooklyn

Sandy, storm of the century, reeked havoc on 1/3 of  the US over the past few days and devastated many east coast cities, namely New York.

Many sections of the Manhattan waterfront were flooded.  The west side to Hudson Street, parts of the Lower East Side, Dumbo, Red Hook, Queens and Long Island City were submerged in water.  One wonders, could this have been prevented?

Over two years ago, MoMA and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center created The Rising Currents exhibit.  The exhibit showcased five projects that addressed the concern for climate change over the next five years and how it will drastically effect Manhattan’s waterfront.

The harbor was divided into five areas and given to five teams (composed of members of n Architects-in-residence program at P.S.1).  Their goal, according to the Rising Currents project, was to “re-envision the coastlines of New York, and New Jersey around the New York harbor and to imagine new ways to occupy the harbor with adaptive soft infrastructures that are sympathetic to the needs of a sound ecology”.

The Rising Currents exhibition ran from March 24, 2010 to October 11, 2010.  Its unfortunate that a natural disater like Sandy had to happen before New York opened it’s eyes to the inevitable destruction.

The harbor divided into 5 zones

The harbor divided into 5 zones

Potential plan for zone 0 to stop sewage overflow and block higher sea levels

Potential plan for zone 0 to stop sewage overflow and block higher sea levels

nArchitects, Zone 3: An archipelago of man-made islands lines the coast of Staten Island and Brooklyn. These islands not only filter the storm waves, but will be programmed with specific functions to accommodate the expected spike in the population.

Art & Design: David Byrne Bike Racks

Ex Talking Heads front man, David Byrne has found a new livelihood in bike rack design.  New York’s Department of Transportation held a design contest for both indoor and outdoor bike racks.  As an avid bicyclist, they asked Byrne to judge the contest.  Feeling inspired, Davis submitted his own sketches.  Each rack was designed to represent different neighborhoods, a dollar sign for Wall street, an abstract shape to represent MoMA, and a high heel in front of Bergdorf’s.  The DOT loved it and told Byrne to make them so they could put them up!  The racks are installed in eight locations in Manhattan and one in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  They were installed under the city’s temporary public art program but has since been voted by the city’s Design Commission to remain permanently.

(from l-r:) The Ladies Mile loated in from of Bergdof’s, The Hipster located in Williamsburg, The Villager located in front of AIA

Recently, David was invited by The Brooklyn Academy of Music to design their new bike racks.  This time for BAM, with the help of Dero Bike Rack, Bryne will use typography to spell out words like “Pink Crown” and “Micro Lip”.  The bike rack words will change periodically and could have the ability to advertise productions at BAM or just random messages.

           (“Pink Crown” bike racks at BAM)