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Phenomenology: Steven Holl’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Phenomenology is a more genuine approach to architecture. It is an architecture that is experienced through our senses and becomes more immersive. Here in Steven Holl’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art he uses light as another building material that changes your experience between night and day. During the day he mixes different light sources captured from multiple directions and mixes them to generate the perfect lighting for the work on display. At night the museum radiates light from with-in and illuminates the landscape. The project was an addition to an existing building and is composed of five connected structures that move down the slope of the landscape on the right of side of the existing conditions. Holl does an excellent job of considering the artists work with both how he blends natural light and also how he collaborates with the sculpture piece in the front to allow for natural light to flow down into the parking garage underground. Holl has a good understanding of what architecture should be and how it should be built to fit the needs of the program and still focus on human interaction.